Aldo Enterprises inc. Development & Construction

About us

At Aldo Enterprises, Inc. we have more than 20 year’s experience in planing and implementing construction projects on many scales. We have acted as everything from an independent general contractor working on single-family dwellings to the lead contracting firm on large-scale, commercial construction projects in Chicagoland.

Aldo Enterprises, Inc. focuses on commercial construction as well as residential projects. Some of those included:

  • restaurants
  • office buildings
  • shopping centers
  • schools
  • senior citizen homes
  • warehouses
  • parking lots and streets
  • industrial buildings
  • commercial buildings
  • hotels, motels

As top professionals in the industry, we believe in both networking and maintaining good relationships with our customers but also with the firms with which we partner on a regular basis, like architects, material suppliers, engineers, specific subcontractors and other professionals.

By nurturing such partnerships, we seek to provide the most exceptional customer service and workmanship possible in any situation. To further develop our excellence, we endeavor to remain up-to-date in all of the latest materials and techniques regarding both interior and exterior construction.


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